Looking for air conditioning in your new home? Here’s what you need to know

We’ve all grown accustomed to air-conditioning in the office, and our cars, but what about our homes? Is domestic air conditioning a practical option for UK homes? Home Air Conditioning Solutions

An increasing number of homeowners are having the latest domestic air-conditioning systems installed in their property. And for new builds, installing air conditioning now is the perfect time to get your property temperature-ready straight from the start.

Here we take a look at air conditioning in more detail. How does it work and is it expensive to run?



What are air conditioners?

 At their simplest, air conditioners are machines that take air in, and alter or treat it, before recirculating it back out into the home. Most people associate air conditioners with cooling down hot air in warm climates, but they can also be used to heat up cold air, or even remove the humidity from the room.


How do air conditioners work?

Different air conditioning systems work in different ways, with varying levels of complexity. Here are some of the basic stages that an air-conditioning unit goes through to help keep your room at a steady ambient temperature.

  • The desired temperature is set with a thermostat, then ambient sensors communicate with the A/C unit, automatically starting, or pausing the mechanical cooling process.
  • If necessary, the unit will then begin sucking in warm air from the room, through a series of power fans known as the ‘blower motor’. This air is then channelled over a network of hollow, sealed metal coils.
  • It’s in these metal coils that you’ll find the refrigerant compounds. These are chemicals that change from a liquid to a gas, and in doing so they naturally absorb heat. As this happens, heat is lost from the metal coils.
  • As the air passes over the coils, it too drops in temperature. Moisture in the air is deposited on the coils as condensation and is drained off.
  • Because there’s a finite amount of refrigerant contained in the coils, the gas will need to be changed back into a liquid, so that the cycle can keep running. A compressor in the unit will kick-in and force the gas to liquefy.
  • Reversing the process also reverses the result, creating hot air which is then expelled. For this reason, the compressor is usually located on an exterior roof or wall.
  • These processes can be looped continuously to create the perfect ambient temperature in your home for as long as it’s required.


What are the benefits of home air conditioning?

There are lots of good reasons to install air conditioning in your home, some perhaps you’ll already have thought of, others that might be new to you.

Here are just a few of the benefits that a contemporary air conditioning system for your home can bring:

  • You can maintain a steady, comfortable temperature all year round, making your home a sanctuary from whatever the weather outside is doing.
  • Poor air quality in some parts of the UK is a real problem, with serious consequences for public health. Air conditioning helps to circulate and filter the air. This helps to remove pollutants from the air, reducing the health risks. This can be particularly important for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • A modern home air conditioner allows you to sleep more easily. Whether in the sticky heat of the summer, or a cold winter’s night, the steady ambient temperature provided by modern air conditioning systems makes for a more comfortable environment in which to sleep.
  • During the winter months, an air conditioning system can help to reduce your heating bills. Modern systems can convert ambient air into cool or warm air.
  • An air conditioning system helps to make your home more appealing to a variety of potential homebuyers
  • They can help to dehumidify your home, reducing the risk of problems such as damp, particularly in older properties.
  • Smart temperature control means that you can make your home warmer or cooler at the touch of a button.
  • Modern units are efficient, discreet and don’t take up much space.


How much does a home air conditioning unit cost to run?

It’s a common misconception that air conditioning systems are expensive to run. While it’s difficult to give a precise figure for very different homes and levels of usage, it’s important to recognise that modern air-conditioning units are highly cost-effective. As it helps to maintain a steady ambient temperature in your home it reduces the need for fluctuations in your heating. As with other technology, improvements and innovations are making air conditioning units increasingly efficient to run. Thanks to new inverter technologies, many air conditioning systems are given the highest A+++ rating for energy efficiency.

At an estimated cost of 8p per hour to run for the average indoor 2KW unit, a contemporary, bespoke air-conditioning system for your home really won’t cost the earth!


Your new home air conditioning system is just a phone call away

Here at Enviro Chill, we only install the best home air conditioning units for our clients. Based in Liverpool, our team of professional air conditioning engineers’ tailor the installation to suit the unique requirements of your home.

We can arrange an on-site survey to better understand your specific requirements and to answer any questions you might have. If you decide to go ahead, our qualified engineers will have your system up and running safely in no time at all.  To keep your system in perfect working order we also offer service plans from just £50 a year, giving you complete peace of mind.


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