Why you should avoid second-hand commercial refrigeration equipment

When you’re launching a new food or drink enterprise there are a number of pieces of equipment you are going to need to buy. Commercial refrigeration is one of the most expensive, and it can be tempting to try to cut corners. It’s possible to purchase second-hand commercial refrigeration equipment for a lower price than you would pay for brand new. However, there are a range of issues you should consider before you make the choice to opt for second-hand equipment.


Is second-hand equipment safe?


Safety is a primary concern for anyone who is running any kind of catering business. If you don’t store your products correctly, it can have serious health and safety consequences. It might even result in your business being closed down. When it comes to the safe storage of food, second-hand equipment that has been well maintained should safely store your products, but this can’t be guaranteed. Over time, commercial refrigeration equipment can become less efficient. This will ultimately impact on temperature control and the shelf life of whatever is kept inside it.

Another possible safety issue is the danger of fire. Refrigerators are one of the most common causes of both domestic and commercial fires. When you opt for second-hand equipment you have no way of knowing how well it has been maintained and what kind of condition it’s in. No one should install second-hand equipment into their premises without it undergoing a thorough safety inspection by an experienced technician. The costs of this will need to be budgeted for.

With second-hand equipment, there is a considerable chance that something will need to be replaced or repaired to make it safe for use. Parts may need to be secured and the cost of extra work accounted for. The older and cheaper the equipment, the more likely it is to need costly remedial work. If you fail to carry out any repairs or to have your equipment checked you could be running the risk of a fire.


Are second-hand fridges any good?


With new commercial fridges, there is consistency in what you will receive. They are new, safety checked and should be highly-efficient. They will also be under warranty and should you encounter any problems the costs of parts and getting them fixed will be covered.

With second-hand equipment what you get is much more variable. You may land yourself a bargain that serves your needs, works well and doesn’t give you any maintenance issues. Alternatively, you could end up with something that doesn’t work effectively, or may even be a safety risk.


Should I buy second-hand commercial refrigeration equipment?


When safety, maintenance and reliability are taken into consideration it can make more sense to purchase new refrigeration equipment. Second-hand equipment doesn’t come with the same warranties and safety checks as new equipment. New equipment is also much more likely to meet your precise specifications, whereas with second-hand equipment the choice may be much more limited. With new equipment, bespoke solutions can be created.

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