Why business owners should invest in energy efficient commercial refrigerators

If you’re in the early days of running a business with any kind of catering element involved, then you may be wondering what to do about refrigeration. If your needs are not that great at present and you’re attempting to keep a lid on costs you may be wondering if a commercial refrigerator of any kind is completely necessary. Surely, it’s something that can be delayed until the demands of the business are greater, particularly with catering being such a competitive field.

While it may seem like an easy way to keep costs under control in the early stages of growing your business, there’s a range of reasons why it can be a false economy to delay your investment.


Efficient refrigeration is the key to your business success


Catering operations need to store large quantities of products in an efficient manner. Even if you’re in the early stages of developing your business, the demands you’ll place on your refrigeration will be much higher than is the case for the average domestic user. You’ll be opening and closing the refrigeration door much more frequently and will need to ensure that products are stored at the right temperature.

Domestic refrigeration doesn’t offer anywhere near enough temperature control to be a realistic option for health and hygiene-conscious catering businesses.


Extra room


If you’re catering on any kind of scale, even the largest domestic refrigerators won’t provide enough room for keeping everything at the correct temperature. Instead, you’ll be packing items into your refrigerator, perhaps making them harder to find when needed. A serious catering operation, even a small one, needs to be able to store and access necessary items whenever they’re needed.


Energy efficiency


Commercial refrigerators are more energy-efficient for storing food at scale than domestic options. As your refrigeration is going to be in constant use, as energy-efficient an option as possible should be selected.


More durable


Commercial refrigerators are tough and hard-wearing. They’re built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. For instance, they will have stronger hinges than domestic refrigerators as well as handles that can cope with constant opening and closing.


Made for the task


Commercial refrigerators are designed specifically for commercial use. With either a fixed room installation or a modular design, the commercial fridge you use at your premises will be created with your requirements in mind. It will have appropriate storage and access for your needs, meaning you don’t have to struggle to find what you need or worry about where you’ll store everything. It will also be better suited for the kind of industry-standard deep clean that will be expected of your business.


At Enviro Chill, we install and maintain commercial refrigeration solutions for a wide range of different catering businesses.


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