Which commercial refrigerator type is best for my business?

If you’re running any kind of business where food is sold, from the smallest corner cafe to a large restaurant, catering business or supermarket, you will need a commercial fridge. Commercial refrigerators are essential for storing everything from raw ingredients to prepared foods. Unlike domestic fridges, commercial refrigerators need to be able to withstand much more use, and, as a result, will usually include a heavier compressor. They require superior cooling capacities to cope with the workload and the particular requirements of catering businesses.

What should you take into consideration when buying a commercial refrigerator for your business?


Buying a commercial fridge


The best commercial refrigeration unit for your business will be influenced by a number of different factors:


Energy efficiency


How energy efficient is the fridge you are considering? If it adds a huge amount to your business utility bills and ultimately is too expensive to run, then it might be wise to explore alternative options.


Available space


Before you decide on your commercial refrigeration you should carefully consider the amount of space you have available. Consider how you will use your unit, which way the doors will open and close and how much space you’ll have to enter and leave.




Of course, cost is nearly always a factor when it comes to making commercial decisions. The costs of different types of refrigeration unit can vary greatly. You will need to balance the overall cost of the unit against the type of usage you expect. While it’s important not to overreach your budget, there are real dangers in cutting corners.


Amount and type of storage required


Perhaps the single most important factor to consider when buying a commercial refrigeration unit is what you will be storing in it, the amount of storage space you require, and how you will use that storage.


What are the features of a commercial fridge?


A commercial refrigerator has a range of features that makes it different to a domestic refrigerator. Firstly, it has more durable refrigeration. Every time a fridge door is opened and closed, cold air escapes. As a result, refrigerators will contain heavy-duty refrigeration components that make it better able to cope with the increased use.

The temperature control will be much more accurate because food safety is key, and waste needs to be minimised. They are generally more energy-efficient than domestic refrigerators, and their superior manufacturing means they are likely to last longer as long as they are properly maintained.


What are the applications of commercial fridges?


A commercial fridge can range from a small behind counter fridge for the front of a shop or cafe, through to large walk-in cold rooms for large catering operations and supermarkets. Serve-over counters can be used in butchers and delicatessens. Preparation counters combine refrigeration with space to prepare food and are suitable for busy kitchens.


What are the different types of commercial fridges?


There are a wide range of different refrigeration options available for commercial purposes. These include:


Cold rooms


Cold rooms are walk-in facilities that control their internal temperature through the use of refrigerants, as with a domestic refrigerator but on a larger scale.


Commercial cabinet refrigerators


Available in single or double-door options, cabinet refrigerators are a practical solution for many businesses. Widely used in pubs, cafes, restaurants and takeaways, they’re an efficient and practical choice


Commercial countertop refrigerators


Not every food or hospitality business has space for a large commercial refrigerator. In which case, a countertop refrigerator can be a sensible choice. Compact, countertop solutions allow you to keep counter areas clutter-free while ensuring your food and drink products are correctly stored.


Commercial meat fridges


The risks of contaminated meat are great. Whether you’re a butcher or run a restaurant, you can’t afford to take any chances with how meat products are stored. Commercial meat fridges ensure that your products are kept safe until needed.


Which refrigerator brand is the most reliable?


There are several high-quality brands of commercial refrigerators. The most suitable for your needs will depend on the type of business you’re running, and your particular requirements.

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