5 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Refrigeration Units

Commercial RefrigerationFood businesses, whether it is bakeries, restaurant, or a café, cannot do without commercial fridges. Commercial refrigeration units are necessary for storing ingredients as well as prepared food.

Commercial fridges have a larger compressor compared to residential ones. Now, at home, you try not to open the fridge multiple times to avoid putting extra load on the compressor. In commercial kitchens, on the other hand, the fridge is opened a number of times but a heavy compressor is able to withstand rough usage. So, it requires a bigger compressor to maintain a cool temperature. Commercial refrigeration has better cooling capacities for effective preservation and storing.

Investing in good commercial fridges is necessary for the success of your restaurant/catering/café business. How to select the best one depends on your business’s needs.

Here are 5 things to consider when you are buying a commercial refrigeration  unit:

1. Energy Efficient

Commercial refrigeration units have a high running cost because they have a lot of heavy lifting to do. So, while it is necessary to get commercial fridges you can afford, you should also pay attention to the fact whether the fridge you are getting is energy efficient or not. Always get those appliances that come with an energy star rating.

2. The Right Style

You would come across a plethora of styles to choose from while getting commercial fridges. For your needs, getting any fridge wouldn’t do. You have to get the one that meets your storage requirement. Say, you have a retail store. For that, you would not need a standard huge commercial refrigeration unit but a one with a glass display to store your products and put them on display as well.

Now, different commercial fridges come with varying levels of cooling and insulation. Take the example of solid door types that offer a better level of insulation as there is limited heat transfer from the outside to the inside. These are ideal for perishable good as the temperature remains balanced.

Meanwhile, glass door commercial fridges are not ideal when it comes to insulation or cooling as there is only a thin barrier between the inner and outer parts that leads to easy heat transfer. They are great for displaying food items.

3. A Reliable Brand

Before investing in a commercial refrigeration unit, see that you are putting your trust and money into a reliable brand. It is important because the quality of service you provide to your regular customers relies on how reliable your tools/appliances are. So, always look for a reliable brand to lower the risk of equipment failure.

4. The Cost

It is important to decide a clear budget when you are selecting a commercial refrigeration unit or a walk-in freezer. If you have a limited budget, weigh the pros and cons if you select a lesser-known brand. They might cost less than the famous branded ones but think through about the maintenance expense that they could incur in the future.

It might be expensive, but opting for a reputable and trusted commercial refrigeration supplier would prevent you from unnecessary expenses in the long run.

5. Space Plan

You must do careful space planning before choosing commercial fridges as they are large. The first step is to measure the available area at your premises. Do you have space for swinging doors? If not, then you could think about getting sliding doors.

Also, measure your entrance that leads to space where you plan to keep the commercial fridges or walk-in freezer.

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