What BTU air conditioner should I get?

When it comes to air conditioning you’ve probably encountered the acronym, BTU. It stands for British Thermal Units and you’ll find it on air conditioners. It plays a crucial role in determining the choice of air conditioner you’ll need for your premises.

So, what does it mean and how should it influence your choice of air conditioner?

What is BTU?

BTU is a form of measurement that measures energy. One BTU is the amount of energy it takes to increase the temperature of a pound of water by a single degree Fahrenheit. You’ll find BTU most readily referenced on heating and air conditioning units.


How does it relate to air conditioning units?

Air conditioners come with a BTU rating. This rating gives you an idea about just how powerful a particular unit is. As the BTU refers to the amount of energy required to heat a pound of water, how does that relate to air conditioners where the function is different from a heater?

Instead of heating, an air conditioner removes heat from the environment and then circulates cold air back into the room. So, instead of measuring heat output, as is the case with a radiator or a heater, the BTU on an air conditioner reflects how much heat they can take out of the room. The higher the rate of BTU on the air conditioning unit, the more powerful it is.


How many BTUs do you need?

Getting the size of your air conditioning unit right is crucial if it’s to do the job you require it to do. The size of the unit in this case refers to its BTU rating.

The primary consideration when it comes to the size of your BTU unit is the square footage of your home. Online calculators are available to help you work out how many BTUs are required to cool that amount of square footage.

It’s not just the dimensions that impact on the BTU required to cool the room. The location of your home and its layout will also play a part as will insulation. The better the insulation in your home, the longer it will be able to retain the cool air and the less hard your air conditioning unit will have to work.


Don’t overdo it

More BTUs isn’t always better. If you use an air conditioning unit with too high a BTU rating, it will cool down your home too quickly. As a result, it will then begin to cycle on and off far too quickly, in an attempt to keep your home at the required temperature.

You should always opt for an air conditioner with the correct BTU for your home or commercial premises to ensure the most efficient performance.


Discuss your BTU air conditioner requirements

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