What problems do we face with air conditioners?

With proper maintenance and servicing,  domestic air conditioners and their commercial counterparts can be relied upon to work for years without presenting any problems. However, problems do sometimes arise, particularly if air conditioning units are not serviced and maintained regularly.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the most common problems that can occur with air conditioning.


Refrigerant leak


Air conditioning units contain a refrigerant that is responsible for cooling the air within your air conditioning system. In fact, it’s the means by which the AC unit cools the air in the home. Sometimes, however, the refrigerant may leak and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.


Some of the problems associated with refrigerant leaks include low efficiency, high power consumption, coil freezing, a damaged compressor and uneven cooling. It can also be damaging to the immediate environment. For this reason it’s important to regularly check your AC unit for any refrigerant leaks.


Dirty filter


An air conditioner filter helps to keep the airflow free from pollutants and dust. If the air filter is clogged then airflow will be restricted. This will, in turn, decrease the operating efficiency of your air conditioning system. A clogged air filter will also reduce the ability of the system to cool the air effectively.


Frozen evaporator coil


An air conditioning system may stop working because of a frozen evaporator coil. This can occur when an air conditioner doesn’t receive enough air for the system to function properly. Over time, sheets of ice can begin to accumulate over time, ultimately leading the coil to become completely encased with ice. This can prevent the refrigerant coil from absorbing latent heat.


If an evaporator coil freezes it may well cause an air conditioning unit to stop working. An indication that it is beginning to freeze is that air conditioning is uneven. To fix this problem, disconnect the power and don’t use the AC unit for around 24 hours.


Fan failure


A fan located in the outdoor component transfers heat from indoors to outdoor. If the fan outside isn’t performing efficiently, then heat transfer won’t take place as it should. This can lead to other issues arising, such as the air conditioner’s compressor overheating.


In worst case scenarios, it may lead to significant internal damage to the compressor, and in some instances it might lead to the air conditioner needing to be replaced. The fan stopping might be an issue with the wiring of your system or a loose component. In some cases, the problem may be identified by removing the outer casing to visually inspect the problem.


Regular servicing and maintenance


Regular servicing and maintenance can protect your air conditioning system from breakdowns. Enviro Chill can provide regular air conditioning servicing for your unit and effective and speedy breakdown cover should the worst happen.


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